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DSL is proud to share with you this impressive list of Kindness Warriors in our community. We know that the more this list grows, the more opportunities there will be for individuals with disabilities and that is the REAL meaning of kindness.

Kindness Warrior

Stella Torzewski
Carly Riggs
Julie Torzewski
Carin Spalding
Walter Baynard
Stephanie Patterson
David Rainwater Jr.
Sharon Doerr
Katie Zurkuhlen
Michelle Clay
Karen Kenney
Joe Franklin
Cathy Palmer
Duane Palmer
Camryn Palmer
Drew Palmer
Zack Holzknecht
Alexander Carpenter
Michelle Durbin
Nicole Volz
Rosie Smith
Harish Chandan
Meredith Lundy
Diana Merzweiler
Mary Beth Norton
Diana Merzweiler
Ben Taylor
Abigail Gardner
Josh Kornberg
Nike Aniyikaiye
Amanda Mabie
Tyler Radford
Brianna Heitzman
Mary Beth Norton
Mark Powell
Kristen Falcone
Greg Falcone
Darla Meredith
Ben Riggs
Catherine Rice &
Charlotte Rice
Jenny Kimes
Rev Dr Caitlin Simpson
Ben Lamar
Sara Tinker
Megan Kuussalo
Becky Stotts
Lauren VanCleave
Marissa Ragains
Russ Owens
Adrien Finkel
Susan Teaford
Jessica Puzey
Joy Coronel
Debbie Mohr
Tera Davis
Think Move Learn
Louisville Geek
Down Syndrome of Louisville

Kindness is...

Being an advocate
being very nice helping people
Loving one another equally
inclusion, acceptance, advocacy, and LOVE
including everyone! 🙂
Treating others with empathy and compassion.
Extending a helping hand!
Kindness is contagious!
Kindness is being nice to others always!
Kindness is caring
Kindness means taking care of others
Treating with respect
a welcoming environment
Respect one another in a mutual manner
Giving to others how you would want others to give to you.
Showing respect to each individual
Helping Others
Caring about others
Kindness is advocating for all regardless of their level of ability!
treating others as you would like to be treated 🙂
Advocating for all people regardless of their abilities
giving everyone an opportunity
being a friend.
for Everyone
An informed society
the act of showing good will, care, and thoughtfulness to another.
loving our differences
Inclusion for all, in all ages, at all communities.
treating others as you want to be treated 🙂
Treating others with mutual respect, compassion and dignity
Being respectful of diversity and showing compassion…
to those you might not even know well….yet!
Demonstrating grace, Acceptance and understanding
Acceptance, inclusion & love.
Honoring each other’s humanity with empathy and thoughtfulness
Treating everyone the way you want to be treated
Caring for EVERYONE in our community!
Kindness is generosity, consideration, or concern for others
Seeing value in everyone.
Listening and respecting
Always loving someone even if they are different
Choosing kindness instead of hate or fear.
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