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The Kindness Warrior movement grew from our mission to support, educate and advocate. The Kindness Warrior program is educating our community about disability advocacy and inclusion, one company and one individual at a time!  We are so proud of each individual and/or company who makes this commitment. Check out the already impressive list here.

You can be a Kindness Warrior too.
All you need to to do is click the button below to complete the items on our checklist and take a quick survey. 

When you become a Kindness Warrior, you will get:

  • A window decal to display at your place of business, vehicle window or anywhere you would like!
  • A digital KW image to place on your website or share on social media
  • Your name or company name on our website with a link to your company (if applicable)
  • An announcement through our monthly email newsletter
  • Receive the DSL Kindness Warrior Magazine full of impactful stories
  • A special invitation to join us for our annual Kindness Warrior Walk in October

Are you ready to become a Kindness Warrior?

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