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The Down Syndrome of Louisville Kindness Warrior Movement grew from our mission to support, educate and advocate. It has now become an important part of who we are. Because you have taken the time to educate yourself about Down syndrome and learn what inclusion and accessibility mean – we are happy to call you an “OFFICIAL” Kindness Warrior!

  • A window decal to display at your place of business, vehicle window or anywhere you would like!
  • A digital KW image for your website or to share on social.
  • Your name/company on our Kindness Warrior Webpage with a link to your company (if applicable) along with your definition of kindness. 
  • An announcement through our monthly email newsletter to our 14,000+ DSL Supporters.
  • The DSL Kindness Warrior Magazine full of impactful stories!
  • A special invitation to join us for our annual Kindness Warrior Walk in October!


  • Visit our Kindness Warrior Libraries | Two Little Free Diverse Libraries: one in Lou and one in Southern Indiana. These library boxes hold books that showcase diversity with an emphasis on authors, illustrators, and characters from the disability community. 
  • Kindness Warrior Facebook Profile Frame is live | a digital decal if you will. It is pinned to the top of our Facebook Page. 
  • Follow us on social media! #kindnesswarrior
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