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Boogie Down Crew- Small Groups with Mr. Cameron

EVERY small group will record on APRIL 2nd, 2021

Wear costumes or theme of your group. 

*Please note that you don’t have to purchase costumes, props. This is just a fun project we are working on to make a little video to commemorate these crazy zoom times and our time with Mr. Cameron. Use what you have in your house! Get creative!

**If you don’t see your name, and want to join us, just choose your favorite group** 

CATS- Rum Tum Tugger

Costume/prop ideas: cat ears, cat makeup, robe belt as a tail, shirt with a cat on it

Click Here to practice the dance

  • Amber
  • Ankur
  • Austin E
  • Austin P
  • Bailee R
  • Camille
  • David 
  • Ellen
  • Kristin
  • Libby
  • Mary
  • Sarah P
  • Sheridan 
  • Tommy

Hairspray- Mama I’m A Big Girl Now

Costume/prop ideas: Twirly dresses, big hair

Click here to practice

  • Aiste
  • Bailee A
  • Beth
  • Cassie and Lexi
  • Ella
  • Ellie
  • Emily B
  • Jade 
  • Jill
  • Lynsey
  • Madeline
  • Megan M.
  • Sarah B.

Grease- You’re The One That I Want

Costume/prop ideas: white shirt/black jacket popped collar, slicked-back hair, poodle skirt, other 50’s attire

Click here to practice the dance!

  • Alisha
  • Brittany
  • Byron
  • Daniel
  • Derek
  • Emily M
  • Grant
  • Katie C
  • Lucas
  • Madison
  • Rebecca
  • Rosie
  • Scot Sanders
  • Scotty
  • Teresa
  • Will

High School Musical- Bop to the Top

Costume/Prop ideas- red/white if you are Troy OR silver/sparkles if you are Ryan or Sharpay (YOU CHOOSE who you are!) 

Click here to practice the dance! 

  • Anna
  • Blake
  • Elijah
  • Erika
  • Jack 
  • Joseph
  • Juliet
  • Justin
  • Lauren A
  • Megan G
  • Michael
  • Ritchie
  • Rose
  • Sara R
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