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WDSD Spotlight – Mark Hublar

Hi, I’m Mark and my talent and gift was revealed to me at a young age – I love life, I like to work, and I like to talk. So, it wasn’t a surprise to my parents and family when I announced that my dream job was to be a motivational speaker. Not just any motivational speaker but one on a topic I am very familiar with- disabilities. I am a passionate advocate for people with disabilities. Not just encouraging them to seek their dreams, but to have hope in what they pursue. I am also passionate about people with disabilities being employed and earning a fair wage for what they do. Too many times people and, most importantly, business owners put too much emphasis on the “DIS” part and not enough on the word ABILITY. Sure, people with disabilities have imitations but don’t we all? If you own or operate a business, consider including people with disabilities in your workforce!

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