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WDSD Spotlight – Effie Sue Isaacs

Just because it’s past #WorldDownSyndromeDay doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate still! We celebrate every day! 

Hi! I’m Effie Sue Isaacs and I am almost 5 months old! I love watching my older sister and my two puppy brothers! They are easily hours of entertainment! I also love cuddling! I don’t care if it is with mommy, daddy, sissy or any of my stuffed animals, I’m just happy as long as someone is loving on me! I’ve been rocking my PT appointments, and hitting all of my milestones so far! My favorite thing about DSL is getting to meet all of my new friends on the infant zoom call! I can’t wait to officially meet them in person and start playing! Our family is excited to become a part of this community!

#WDSD2021 #321 #DSLKindnessWarrior

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