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February School Age Spotlight – Meet Cordelia!

We got to know one of our School age members a little better & wanted you to get to know her too! Meet 7 year-old Cordelia Brown!
  • What have you been up to 2021? I have been helping my dad cook, going to school at home, and playing with my Bebe (grandmother). 
  • What is your favorite class? I like being silly spaghetti in music theater class.  
  • How have you been keeping germ free & staying safe? I wear a mask and wash my hands. (We’ve witnessed Cordelia rocking her mask and washing her hands with lots of soap and water! Way to go!)
  • What are some things you are really good at doing? I’m good at going to birthday parties, jumping into the pool, horseback riding, singing along to movies, and going to forest camp!  (We’ve seen Cordelia do yoga too and she’s the!)
  • What do you like about being a big sister? I like to play hide-and-seek with my brothers
  • What is your favorite healthy snack? Veggie cakes and seaweed!  (Healthy girl!!)
  • If you could be any animal for a day what would be? A monkey so I could jump on the bed!
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