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Helpful Kitchen Gadgets

This is a list we have compiled of handy gadgets that our members use to assist with their independence in the kitchen.

Mini Maker- Quote from a parent on this little gadget: “We love this little sandwich and mini waffle maker. You can use canned biscuits or small tortillas or just bread, among other things. We have a flat cooktop and I get nervous when he cooks on it but these type things have a ready light for when it’s ready to cook and when it’s done. No guess work. Like the air fryer. I try to keep things in my fridge and freezer and cupboard that he can grab and fix what he wants. I fix a big lunch every day but dinner is either leftovers or something else he might want instead. That way he has some say in what he eats and develops some independence”

Egg Cooker – This egg cooker got great reviews from our member chefs. It can cook 6 eggs many different ways!

Safe Knives- these are perfect for those learning knife/chopping skills.

Meat Cooker- this has one side with ridges that can be used for bacon. The most popular things cooked in these is ground beef and chicken.

Microwave Steamer- steam anything without the stove

These gloves have been very popular with our advocates. Be sure to get the correct size, you want them to fit snugly.

Air Fryers– many of our members have had great luck and have gained peace of mind using air fryers. Perk- they provide healthy alternatives for our fried food favorites.

This jar opener is a must have for any kitchen!

We are crazy for avocados at DSL. This tool comes in handy when we are using avocados in our recipes. You open with one end, grab the pit in the center, and slice perfect pieces with the other end.

These spreaders are great for scooping from jars, scraping from bowls, and even making the perfect PB&J.

This bowl has a gripped handle and grips on the bottom so the bowl won’t slip around on the chef using it.

While this butter bell crock might not be the most necessary kitchen gadget, it is certainly handy (and cute!) The design keeps your butter ready to spread at any time.

Unbreakable scoop dish has a grip on the bottom and is designed to help children and adults eat more independently. When you scoop the food towards the back, the lip of the dish pushes the food onto the fork or spoon.

The mix and chop tool is perfect for ground beef and other items that need chopping or separating while the cook.

These cutting boards have suction cups on the bottom, raised edges on one corner to use to gather food or to hold something for spreading and also have stainless steel spikes to hold items for chopping

This rocker knife is a safe tool to use for mincing and dicing

*This list is not sponsored, we are sharing links so you can see the products. However, if you are going to use Amazon, be sure you support Down Syndrome of Louisville with AmazonSmile

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