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Career Solutions Success!

A BIG shout out to our DSL Career Solutions Team who have worked hard all year to make sure our members can continue working in safe environments and share their talents with the community! We wanted to spotlight a few of our amazing members who have worked hard, adapted well, and are thriving in their roles. Way to go Career Solutions Team! 

Ethan Kelley: 
Ethan has the unique distinction of securing his job in the midst of a pandemic. The YMCA hired Ethan to help enforce health and safety protocols, and as Ethan was already familiar with the Y being a great swimmer, he was a great fit for the position! Although he is just getting settled in his new job, Ethan has excelled, picking up his tasks quickly, and refining his own techniques. His parents have been an instrumental part of helping Ethan succeed – thanks, mom & dad! After a great first day on the job, Ethan definitely earned a small cheeseburger and ride through the carwash – two of his very favorite things! Way to go Ethan!

Amber Taylor:
Amber is the new logistics specialist at Ocean Soul, a company owned and operated by one of our DSL families! They sell beautiful beach themed jewelry, and Amber helps get boxes ready by putting her personal stamp on them! She is an expert at forming each box and stuffing them with tissue paper for shipping jewelry. She also does light office cleaning and creates personal artwork that gets put in with the jewelry as an extra gift of love!! Way to go Amber!!

John McFarland: 
John has been working independently at Kroger for a while now, navigating pandemic shopping like a pro! He has a great work ethic, a high energy level, and a good attitude. John knew he wanted to work at Kroger from the beginning and was so charming during his interview, he quickly won over the hiring manager and secured the job! During his time working, John has learned to take instruction and work with a variety of people; he greets everyone who comes through the line and is great at knowing when to offer additional help. Way to go John!! 

If you have a member that is interested in getting started in the workplace, please contact Shelly Durbin or a member of our Career Solutions Team: 
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