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KY Medicaid Waiver Starts New EVV System Soon!

Kentucky Medicaid Waiver Services begins the Electronic Verification System on January 1, 2021! This is an electronic system where employees log in their daily shifts for Medicaid Waiver services. Is your son or daughter receiving services through the Medicaid Waivers of SCL, Michelle P, or Home and Community based waivers? Does the plan include a Person Directed Services? Do you employ family or individuals for respite staff, community living supports staff, or attended care? If yes, check out the links below to learn more and contact your Medicaid Waiver Case Manager or Broker to ensure all your Medicaid Waiver employees are prepared to use the EVV system!

EVV Overview 
EVV Need to Know Facts
EVV Tutorial (for iPhones)
EVV Tutorial (for Androids) 

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