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Down Syndrome Awareness Month Spotlights: Austin Edelen

It’s the last day of October & Down Syndrome Awareness Month!! Let’s celebrate extra with a few more member spotlights!! 💙💛
This guy never ceases to amaze me with the things he knows! My “Special Needs” son’s favorite show is The Voice, mainly because he #1 loves music and #2 loves Blake Shelton. He is quick to name the original singer of a song, like Marvin Gaye or James Taylor or Kelly Clarkson. He remembers who won which season. His sister, asked him what his favorite Broadway musical, “Newsies” was about and he replied, patiently, “well, do you know what a newspaper is?” Then proceeded to explain the story line. When he was asked whether he thought Andy and Kelsi’s baby (before her birth) would be a girl or a boy, he replied simply, “Just let the Dr. decide”. Lol! This guy keeps me straight as far as what is happening on which day and what needs to be done. He is the one that, again patiently, helps his dad and I learn how to change the regular tv over to the DVR or Netflix or a DVD. The reason I explain all of this is, yes he has Down Syndrome but that doesn’t limit him. That is just one minor detail about him, along with his green eyes and scruffy beard. If I could tell the me of 25 years ago half of the things that my sweet baby would accomplish, no scared tears would have ever been shed. If I could tell any new parent anything at all, my main advice would be “never say never” and do not limit your child by what “they” say they’ll never be able to do. So proud to celebrate Down Syndrome month because of this guy. We Love you Austin Edelen.
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