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Down Syndrome Awareness Month Spotlights: Justin Littlejohn

Happy Tuesday Everyone!! Let’s celebrate another day of Down Syndrome Awareness Month together!! πŸ’™πŸ’›
Justin is now 21 years old! Wow, it feels like just a short time ago, our family was anxiously awaiting his birth. A complex and serious pregnancy condition placed Justin at high risk of not surviving to birth. However, God had a plan for this baby boy! He is a fearless fighter, a champion of charm, a fierce friend, an efficient engineer of order and neatness, a dazzling dancer. He is our light, our joy, and has captured our hearts forever. Throughout Justin’s journey, one constant reliable resource is and always will be Down Syndrome of Louisville. Our family is forever grateful for the programs and opportunities provided to Justin and thousands of children and adults with Down syndrome. Justin is looking forward to attending the Adult Development Academy on a limited basis due to pandemic restrictions.
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