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NTI Support Success!

DSL was proud to support our families during the first few weeks of NTI! A huge shoutout to Susan Teaford and Lisa Darst, and all our DSL Staff and Volunteers who stepped up to make this possible! Although we are not able to continue the in-person support, we are still here to help with any educational assistance you may need. Contact our School Age Manager, Susan Teaford, at

A word from Susan Teaford, our School Age Manager: When Non Traditional Instruction (NTI) became a necessity during the Coronavirus pandemic in the spring of 2020, we all thought it would last a few weeks, but 7 months later students and families in Jefferson County are still trying to negotiate it.  DSL has recognized  families need support as many students were not engaging with the virtual instruction they were receiving.  Families were struggling with the balance of work from home and care for their children’s extra educational needs.  At DSL staff began talking about how we could respond to this need.  We began planning and organizing for supporting 6 students.  We sent out an interest survey and shortly our spots were filled. It was a small number, but  was a size we could have in a classroom and still maintain social distancing.  
We quickly found out that NTI 2.0 was very challenging and time consuming.  Parents were supportive of us and gave us lots of grace, but it became very apparent that we needed one on one support to manage the schedules and needs of the students.  Staff and a couple well known volunteers filled in to give one on one attention.  
It was fun having the kids in the building and getting to know them better.  For sure the cuteness factor was high during NTI Support!  Also for sure was the learning that was happening, and the relationships that were being formed between school teachers, students and DSL staff.  It was a win win all around.  
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