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Walk on Wheels Team Tuesday: Team Zoe

Team Zoe is so close to reaching their goal!! They used their love for Zoe’s adventure backpack to start a fundraiser through Thirty-One! Way to go Team Zoe!!
“We are raising money for people like our sweet Zoe! We were given a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome when our doctor saw a heart defect during an ultrasound. Zoe has beat the odds with open heart surgery, a respiratory infection AND chicken pox, all before she turned 1! She has worked hard to reach milestones that come easy to the rest of us, and through it all Down syndrome of Louisville has been there. They provided us with information when we still knew Zoe as ‘Baby Radford’ and through the pandemic and school shutdowns Zoe made huge gains with virtual preschool provided by Down syndrome of Louisville!
We are also raising money for people like Margie. Margie recently danced her way to heaven at the age of 66. Everyone who knew her loved her and were better people because of it. Margie was a member of Down syndrome of Louisville and a member of the Boogie Down Crew. Margie would have made friends no matter what, but Down syndrome of Louisville made it possible for more people to see her light.
Down syndrome of Louisville is the only organization in the country that provides services to individuals at birth until the end of their life. Will you help me support them?” ⭐👟
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