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Walk on Wheels Team Tuesday: Ellie’s Chromie Homies

Ellie’s Chromie Homies is out here getting creative to raise awareness and funds for this year’s #walkonwheels! This past Saturday they hosted a Lemonade Stand & cookie sale to help raise money!! Way to go!!

“Our sweet Ellie was born rocking that extra 21st chromosome and let me tell you, all the good things are on that chromosome. DSL played a big role in helping us transition to life with our Homie with the Extra Chromie, not the least of which is giving me a tribe of Mommas to walk this journey with. I look forward to our monthly Zoom calls and I am thankful for our group chat where we can encourage and love on each other. Money raised will go to make sure resources like the monthly infant classes and other services can continue to support our awesome Down syndrome community.”

#DSLKindnessWarrior #TeamTuesday #WalkonWheels #GiveforGood #GiveForGoodLou #CommunityFoundationofLouisville #louisvillelove

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