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Walk on Wheels Team Tuesday: MadMax

Madison (20 yrs) and Max (12 yrs) are two siblings working together with their family to raise support and awareness at this year’s #WalkonWheels!
“DSL has been there from the time we moved to Louisville and continues to be there for Madison, Max, and many others. DSL also helps the family of those with DS learn about next steps and even has a Career Solutions team to help coach those with DS in the workplace! Please take a moment, join our walk team, and give your support of either time or money if you feel led to do so. If Madison and Max have impacted your life in some way, DSL was an influence in their development along with many close friends and family members!” Go Team MadMax! 👟
#DSLKindnessWarrior #TeamTuesday #WalkonWheels
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