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“His Joy Brings Me Joy”

“Mike is a Power Rangers fanatic! And he is always on YouTube watching others interview people about Power Rangers,” Mike’s father Richard Bush told DSL. Mike wanted to create his own Power Rangers YouTube channel and that’s when volunteer and DSL Board member, Laura Leaton stepped up to help make Mike’s dream come true…

“He wants to be the one who does reviews, so we hop online every Wednesday morning and he shares with his “soon-to-be” fans a specific Power Rangers episode, the characters, the plot, and a fancy powerful hand gesture,” Laura explained. Their partnership even led to an interview with Gaz of Gazbot, who hosts a very popular Power Ranger Channel, and the famous cartoon illustrator, Scott Serkland.
“Michael is a GEM! He is always sitting at the front door of his dad’s law office, with a script he has been practicing and ready to get on camera! His joy brings me JOY! It’s a great way to start my Wednesday am!!” We hear that Mike’s Power Rangers Youtube channel will be going live shortly and we will be sure to share it with you! Thank you Laura for partnering with DSL to help members go farther and achieve their dreams! 

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