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Racism and intolerance have no place in our society

The following message is from the Down Syndrome of Louisville Board of Trustees along with Executive Director, Julie Torzewski:

Like so many in our Kentuckiana community, we have been disheartened by the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and David McAtee, and by the pain wrought by racial disparity and injustice in our country. The unwarranted actions taken by authorities in these instances are unacceptable. Our minds and hearts are with all of our members and staff that are struggling to make sense of the world around us. We are struggling too. Enough is enough. 

Here is our pledge to you:

– We will continue to support, educate, and advocate for all individuals with Down syndrome.

– We will continue to strive to become better practitioners of equity, acceptance, and appreciation of the many backgrounds, races, religions, and beliefs that comprise our DSL family. 

– We commit ourselves to the deeper study and discussion of equity, and to a greater appreciation of our similarities and differences with candor, sensitivity, and understanding, at all levels of our organization and the community we all live in.

Down Syndrome of Louisville Board of Trustees:

Board of Trustee members Dr. James Wesley Sublett, Edward Kenney, Tony Balbach, Danny Slaton, Dr. Harish Chandan, Susan Dever, Sarah Rosenbaum, Andrea Kruchinski, Laura Leaton, Mary Beth Norton, & Jayme Perez

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