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Great Toddler/Preschool Videos

Want your kiddos to “Shake Their Sillies Out?” Or just need some engaging videos for your new home school setting? We compiled this list of Youtube videos from teachers and parents.

Phonics song -with signs- Patty Shukla

See it, Say it, Sign It – ABC song- Jack Hartmann

Usher’s ABC Song – Sesame Street movement based

Reach For The Sky – The Kiboomers

I Can Move My Body Like Anything– Jack Hartmann

Wiggle It– Patty Shukla

Stop, Follow Directions– Patty Shukla

Shake Your Sillies Out– The Learning Station

Big Numbers Song– The Singing Walrus

Pop See Ko– Go Noodle

Tony Chestnut- The Learning Station

Animal Freeze Dance– the Kiboomers

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