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Meet Our Members- Irelyn

This is Irelyn and she is 7 months old and is doing amazing!!! I reached out to DSL early in my pregnancy because I was having a hard time with making the decision to terminate or continue on with my pregnancy. I felt pressure from one of my doctors, some family and some friends to terminate. I only heard the negative things until I reached out to DSL and was connected with Julie Janes Torzewski and Jenny Kimmes and some wonderful other DSL parents and children!!! If it wasn’t for them Irelyn may not be here today!!! I am so thankful for them educating me and being there to support me during what I thought was the most difficult time. Fast forward to a year later we are so blessed and thankful to have Irelyn in our life and can’t imagine her not being here!!!! We love coming to the infant class and meeting new friends.

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