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Round Up For DSL At Penn Station March 1st-21st

Have you made it into one of the 23 area Penn Station East Coast Subs yet? You can help Down Syndrome of Louisville by either:

  1. Donating $2 – you will receive a BOGO sub coupon for your next visit!
  2. Rounding up to the next dollar on your order (this is also greatly appreciated)
  3. Choosing your own amount. Extra 2.50? 5.00? 50.00? Its up to you! (And you’ll still get that awesome coupon)

Be sure to share with us that you visited we want to brag about you 💙💛💙💛

#RoundUpForDownSyndrome #DSLKindnessWarrior
Relationship Coordinator Ivy couldn’t wait to donate!
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