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Guest Blog- Teresa and The Beach Boys

Story by DSL Niece, Jennifer AKA “Twinkie”

Funny Teresa story: If you’ve spent time around her you know she LOVES The Beach Boys. She can make them relevant to any topic and any questions response be about them. It can be over the top obsessive. So one day I was particularly impatient and banned it…..”Stop! No more talking about The Beach Boys! I don’t want to hear it anymore. You’re driving me crazy!” She was devastated. I felt bad but it was seriously out of control. It worked for a very short while.

Then she started spelling out B-E-A-C-H-B-O-Y-S to talk about them again. I gave her a look and with an expression of defiance she said “I didn’t say their name, I just said the letters!” I had to start fake coughing to cover my face trying to hide laughter. She got me on a technicality.

Then she resorted to talking about them by saying their individual names. Which took me a while to catch on to.

Now she’ll sometimes say “the five of them” or some reference to 5 guys. 😂 😂

I’m really proud of all the creative ways she’s used to get around my ban and I secretly love this rebelliousness in her, but I’m also desperate for something different to come along and take their place in her mind!

Teresa and the B-E-A-C-H-B-O-Y-S
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