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Guest Blog- Support From Moment One

Written by DSL Mama Keri Kennedy

đź’™Down Syndrome of Louisville Awarenessđź’›

Support for their members starts the moment the journey with Down Syndrome begins.


When we received Finn’s diagnosis, our doctor gave us the best advice. She said “Reach out to Down Syndrome of Louisville. They are a great local organization and they can help!” I called them that day and they happily welcomed us into their family. From DS education to answering questions before our prenatal doctor appointments, they were walking alongside us.


Since Finn was born in September, they have played a big role in helping him reach developmental milestones through weekly one-on-one therapies and monthly infant classes (shout out to Finn’s awesome DI therapist, Dawn Guy, pictured!) In 2019 Finn and his peers benefitted from 600+ of these therapy sessions, all free of charge!

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