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A Tribute To Marianne Humphries by Susan Teaford

Marianne, daughter of Down Syndrome of Louisville founder Mary Carter, passed from this world on December 22nd 2019, but left with us an abundance of good deeds, warm smiles, and kind words- all seeds that will continue to grow and bloom in the lives of those she touched.  I’m sure that all who knew her would agree that she was the embodiment of grace, a gentle spirit with a fierce commitment to living her beliefs and bettering the world.  

Marianne was generous to DSL with her time; she had more than 20 years of voluntary service with us.  She offered her extensive gifts and experience in the classroom to help shape one of our first and most long-lasting programs, which works with our adults to continue their education after high school.  As a tutor she made a powerful and direct impact on the lives of our members, most especially for Katherine Schultz and Brian Graeser.  Both of these students and their families shared a relationship with Marianne that grewbeyond academics and became more of an extended family dynamic, watching out for each other and enjoying time together.  

Personally, working alongside Marianne was rewarding on so many levels.  She had a depth of educationalknowledge that she was willing to share and it was fun talking shop.  Although most every conversation I had with her always found its way back to deeper topics,such as faith and our children.  I will miss her, and I am not alone as Marianne will be missed by many people.  We are all just very fortunate to have had such a remarkable woman in our midst.  ~Susan Teaford

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