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January Member Newsletter


January 2020

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Strategic Plan 2020

The Board of Trustees is excited to share with you our recently completed Strategic Initiatives. Now the work begins! We would love for family members to sign up to be part of one of our committees to help us make this plan a reality. See the plan and opportunities to get involved by following the links below:

Family Education Series

Mark your calendars! We have planned out a monthly series of workshops around some of the “hot topics” we hear about from our DSL family. Special thanks to Susan Teaford for setting these dates for us in advance! Please know that if you need information on any topic at any time – we are here!

Member Specific Calendars

Please see the new calendar links at the bottom of this newsletter. We are working hard to get you the information that you need the clearest way we can. We know that this means not everyone needs ALL the dates, programs and events that we host. So, we hope that these modified calendars are helpful to you! Of course, you can always see the full calendar as well so that you don’t miss a thing!


We are so grateful to the LMPD for coming by to visit our Adult Development Academy. They taught us about self-defense and general safety. We role-played and got to ask some questions about cool cop stuff too!


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