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Family Education Series 2020

All events will be held on Saturday mornings.  Coffee, fruit and bagels will be available.  Childcare provided with RSVP.

MonthTopicSpeaker/ActivityRSVP Link
Jan. 25Trusts and Estate Planning A session with local attorneys Richard Bush and Matthew Goodin, Financial Planning Professionals regarding special needs trusts and estate planning. There will be refreshments provided and childcare will be provided. Please respond to the RSVP form so that we can be best prepared.RSVP
Feb. 22Welcome to New FamiliesSocial/Shower time with new familiesRSVP
March 28


Dietician Terri Lykins talks about the role of nutrition and healthRSVP
April 25enTech Assistive Technology Education A  member of the enTECH staff will be here to educate families regarding the use of assistive and adaptive technology.  

enTECH provides therapy, equipment rental, and other services to assist individuals of all ages who need alternative ways of participating in educational, community, and daily activities  
May 22CPRBecome CPR certified DSL staff Shelly Durbin and Cathy Palmer will offer a CPR certification for no cost.RSVP
June 27SexualityElevatus Training Addressing Sexuality with people with Developmental Disabilities Led by DSL staff Cathy Palmer and Susan TeafordRSVP
July 25Self-CareJennifer Owens is a licensed clinical social worker with a passion for guiding people towards their best life.  She will offer meditation and self-care tips to alleviate stress and anxiety.RSVP
Aug. 22Think Move LearnThink Move Learn is a fun and effective way to improve sensory processing, motor planning, learning skills and more. We combine sensory experiences, occupational therapy, and academic stimulation to design a program tailored for groups or 1:1.  Our team of educators and therapists are trained in sensory integration methods, vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation activities, and cognitive development.RSVP
Sept. 26

Encouraging Responsibility

Jenny Pollard, behaviorist and Employment Specialists,’ Briana Heitzman and Zac Sappenfield will give advice on the importance of encouraging responsibility in children from a young age.RSVP
Oct. 24Residential Options RSVP
Nov. 21Positive Approach to Care for AgingDSL staff member and certified PAC trainer, Cathy Palmer will demonstrate how a positive approach to care of those with dementia can make life less stressful.RSVP
DecemberNo eventHappy Holidays! 
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