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Meet Our Members- Miracle

This is my beautiful Miracle. She is 2yrs old. She is very smart, energetic, and full of love. Nomatter how your day is going this little girl will definitely but a smile on your face. She loves dancing and singing. She also likes bossing her 4yr and 1yr old niece around lol. She has been walking since 11months. She is currently in process of being potty trained. She just met all her milestones for physical therapy and was discharged. She has PT, OT, and speech therapy. She enjoys going to cradle school and McDonald’s is her favorite place to eat. I must admit finding out I was having a child with Down syndrome was scary. I realize the only thing that scared me was society. My Miracle is everything and more we could have every wanted and I wouldn’t change her for the world but I would change the world for her. Written by Michelle, Miracle’s mama. ❤️🥰😍

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