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Lucas Fortwengler earns Congressional Gold

After serving hundreds of hours of community service, Lucas Fortwengler became the first individual with Down syndrome to receive the Gold Congressional Award in Kentucky. Congressman John Yarmuth awarded Lucas this honor in Washington D.C. on June 20th, 2019. Lucas’s sister Kaitlin writes:

“There you have it, folks!! Kentucky’s FIRST Congressional Award Recipient with Down Syndrome!! This young man is astounding, I am overly proud to say I am his sister. He looks amazing, he was incredibly humble, he had an interview right after the ceremony, he had an interview with ABC for an online segment, he met with Larry Chase with the Boy Scouts of America, and even had a member of the National Down Syndrome Society come and watch him accept his medal today.

This boy is moving mountains and he doesn’t even know it, he is fighting a battle he isn’t aware of, he is a beacon of hope for other people with disabilities. HE IS TRULY AMAZING. I’m not sure I can even do him justice with this post. The impact that he leaves on people is just… incredible. I love you to the moon and back Lucas, life just wouldn’t be the same without you, keep dancing through!!”

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