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What is College Connections?

Down Syndrome of Louisville in partnership with Jefferson Community and Technical College (J.C.T.C) provides an opportunity for  adults with Down syndrome to attend college. connections 

Why is going college important? 

Going to college gives students the chance to continue learning. It could help them get a good job. College students learn  to listen and communicate with teachers and peers.  

“ NDSS believes in the importance of expanding high-quality transition and postsecondary opportunities for people with Down syndrome…. All students should have access to postsecondary education, and the resulting employment and independent living opportunities. Studies have shown that students with intellectual disabilities (including Down syndrome) who participate in postsecondary education are more likely to excel in academics and employment and achieve greater levels of independence.” ion/ 

What kinds of classes could I take? 

The first year classes are: Career Exploration, Employment Readiness,Communication Skills, and College Survival Skills. The second and third years you can take one class a semester. 

Some examples of classes are: African American music history (my favorite class), History and Sociology rock music, Intro to Theater, Fundamentals/Acting,Pottery, Photography, and others. 

How much will college cost? College fees change, but they average $150.00  per credit hour. Fees are due at the beginning of the semester, and are paid online.  

What college scholarships are available for people with Down Syndrome? 

There are many scholarship opportunities for students with Down syndrome.  Here are some scholarships you should check out:

AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability $999 

Ethan Saylor Memorial Scholarship $500 

Joe Hornsby III Scholarship $2,000 

O’Neill Tabani Enrichment Fund $5,000 

Ups for Downs Eric Martinez Memorial Scholarships $2,500Varies Ups for Downs Katie MacDonald Memorial Scholarship $2,500 WSAJ Past Presidents’ Scholarship $7,500 

Ruby’s Rainbow Amount varies hysical-disabilities/down-syndrome 

How can I get started on the road to College? 

● Complete high school and WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE! ●Research postsecondary opportunities in your area.  Go to 

● Get in  touch with DSL .  A new group of students begin each August. There is a cap of 6 students in each class. 

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